Alligator Dental is here to make going to the dentist fun! For years, we’ve served as Texas’ trusted pediatric dentists, and we’re happy to announce the opening of our Cibolo location. If your little one is due for a checkup, then be sure to browse this blog to learn more about our services, the exciting environment of our office, frequently asked questions, and more. Our team specializes in family dental care, and we’re confident that our age-appropriate activities will leave your little one excited to come back! Find our blog posts below, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

  1. Is Your Little One Teething? Follow This Advice From Our Pediatric Dentists

    Whether it’s your firstborn dealing with teething discomfort or your fourth child, the process of growing in baby teeth can prove to be quite the ordeal. Some children suffer from serious discomfort along the gums while others experience almost no pain at all. Every baby is different, but if you’re currently trying to help your little one with their teething pain, it can help to find fast reli…Read More

  2. Our Pediatric Dentists Highlight More Frequently Asked Questions

    As a parent, you want the very best for your child. From head to toe, your kiddo should be in peak condition to enjoy a lifetime of healthy benefits, and their oral health is an excellent place to start. Oral care has come a long way since we were kids, and today’s parents will be surprised to learn that what worked in the past is not necessarily what is recommended for today’s smiles. If you …Read More

  3. Need A Pediatric Dentist In Cibolo? Alligator Dental Is Happy To Open Our New Location!

    Finding a family dentist you can trust in Texas can prove to be a challenge. It seems like there are dozens of dental offices across Guadalupe County offering oral services, but how can you be sure that your child will enjoy the experience? Alligator Dental is happy to announce the opening of our new pediatric dentist’s office in Cibolo! For years, families from San Antonio to Austin have relied…Read More