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First Dental Visit

A child’s first dental visit is an important step towards good oral hygiene! This visit should happen between six and 12 months. There are many benefits of starting routine dental visits at this age:

  1. Familiarity – Children become familiar with what happens in a dental visit such as exam, cleaning, and fluoride treatment.
  2. Build Trust – Starting early helps build trust between child and dentist as the child learns what to expect from a dental visit.
  3. Prevention – Prevention is key to a healthy mouth and happy child! The dentist can examine child’s mouth for decay, proper development, and any abnormalities.
  4. Oral Hygiene – Establishing good oral hygiene habits early will provide a strong foundation for a growing child.
  5. Parental Education – Parents will be instructed in the following:
  • Proper oral hygiene technique
  • Diet and oral habits that positively and negatively effect tooth development
  • Fluoride use to help strengthen primary teeth
  • At Alligator Dental our goal is to assist parents in establishing a foundation for their child’s healthy mouth – and to make going to the dentist A LOT MORE FUN!

Gator Care Timeline

Infant Gators

The first tooth usually erupts between 6-9 months of age. How-ever there is a wide range of tooth eruption and it is 
not unusual for a child to have delayed eruption of teeth. When your child is teething he or she will be restless. may drool, gums may be sensitive. may have a low-grade fever and diarrhea. Treatment can include - massaging sore gums with a finger or teething rings, placing ice or frozen rings on gum areas. The best remedy is your child's pediatric dose of Tylenol or fever reducing medication for pain. Orajel type products may work for a short period time, but are not recommended due to overuse. 

Proper oral hygiene should be instituted as early as when the first tooth comes into the mouth. Gums may be wiped clean with a damp wash cloth until teeth begin to erupt. At that point teeth and gums should be brushed with a soft bristled brush twice a day with a very thin smear of fluoride toothpaste. It is normal for the child to swallow the toothpaste at this age. Our doctors will demonstrate the proper amount during the child's first visit. The brushing and toothpaste will remove plaque and begin also to strengthen the teeth as they mature. Plaque will form on any tooth and the gum pads around them causing potential inflammation and teething discomfort. 

Dental problems can begin very early. The primary cause of dental decay in young children is nursing or baby bottle tooth decay. A baby may get severe decay when he or she nurses constantly from the breast or a bottle containing milk or juice during bedtime or naps. A child should not be put to bed With a bottle of milk, juice, or sweetened liquid. If a bottle is used, only water should be used. A pacifier is preferable. It is recommended to stop bottle or breastfeeding by one year of age.  

Toddler Gators

Parents should brush their teeth twice a day with a very small amount of toothpaste. Toothpaste has quite a bit of flouride in it. Use toothpaste sparingly in young children by using a very thin smear on the toothbrush. 

3-6 Year Old Gators

Let them brush, supervise them, and so the final brushing to make sure all surfaces of the teeth are cleaned. Also you need to floss their teeth as they get older as the posterior teeth get closer and tighter over time. Make sure they can rinse their mouth so the toothpaste doesn't get swallowed. 

Gators, 6 and older

Continue supervision until you are sure they can brush and floss properly. 

All Gators should see their dentist every six months for a routine visit. Your dentist may recommend the use of disclosing agents which help reveal the presence of plaque on teeth. Swishing with these agents before and after brushing will disclose the missed areas and motivate your child to improve their brushing technique.

Tooth Care Handbook

At Alligator Dental, we created this Tooth Care Handbook to provide parents with the best ways to care for their child’s teeth.

Click on the following links for tips and tools to make your child’s mouth healthy and happy!




Flouride Treatment

Dental Sealants

Regular Dental Checkup

If you have any questions about restorative pediatric dentistry, contact our office. We specialize in kids’ dental care and oral hygiene, and we want to make your child’s experience as fun and carefree as possible!