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Alligator Dental - What Sets Us Apart

Dr. Al Burns, DDS and Lisa Burns, CEO started Alligator Dental in July of 2009 with a specific vision in mind. They wanted to have the most fun and exciting pediatric dental office that had ever existed. Our goal here at Alligator Dental is to have a place where the kids and the parents couldn't wait for their appointments.

What the Burns family did not forsee was the incredible amount of work and support it takes to create that kind of environment. All of us here at Alligator Dental are so thankful to be part of an amazing team of doctors, managers and dental staff. We vow each day to give 100% into each patient's specific care and needs.

Our philosophy is to educate parents and empower them to make good oral health decisions for their children. We strive especially with children who require treatment to educate them about their treatment needs so they see the urgency and reasons to complete treatment and keep their child in optimal oral health. 

 Our office stands by our Alligator Dental Vision Statement:


G: Greatness is built upon a foundation of excellence in every aspect and detail of the practice.

O: Our office is known for compassion towards all children as well as those with exceptional challenges in their lives.


G: Genuine trust and respect of our patient families is earned through sincerity, knowledge, and presenting a clear and unified message

A: Always do what is in the best interest of the child while giving the highest quality dental care to families of all circumstances.

T: Team unity is achieved through individual team member job satisfaction and personal stability.

O: Our community will achieve superior oral health through our collaboration, support and education.

R: Ravings fans are created through customer service, marketing, and an office environment that is fun, creative and unique.

S: Success will come through striving for innovation and growth to enable families from other communities to obtain our superior services.

We are so thankful to have had such a welcomed impact on providing our level of dental care to the children located in and within the surrounding areas of Cibolo, San Marcos, and Seguin.