Summertime is already upon us, and many kids are out soaking up the sunshine and play time. While increased time outside of school can be a grand time, many parents find it difficult to maintain and enforce proper oral care. Summer activities are also loaded with sugary snacks and beverages, creating a considerable challenge for parents.

If you’re worried about your little one’s smile this summer, our pediatric dentists in San Marcos and Seguin are here to provide complete peace of mind in a way that makes going to the dentist for your child fun! Alligator Dental is proud to be Texas’ top choice for pediatric dental care, relying on our caring team and exciting offices to help create a lifetime of healthy habits.

One service commonly available in dentistry for kids in need is the application of sealants. Our pediatric dentists can place a protective layer on your child’s teeth to provide additional protection from bacteria and decay. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of sealants, and be sure to contact us if you’re ready to see how fun and effective children’s dentistry can be!

The Benefits of Sealants

Children with sensitive teeth or higher-risk oral health concerns can benefit from the use of sealants. This protection is often relied on for hard-to-reach places within the mouth. It’s important to remember that tooth decay can begin early on in life, making sealants a beneficial option for both children and teenagers.

When applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth, sealants can act as a barrier, keeping plaque and acids at bay. Your child can think of this surface like a raincoat for your teeth. The bonding process also helps to keep any existing cracks in place. Sealants are designed to provide additional protection in places that toothbrushes cannot normally reach. In most cases, sealants can last close to a decade after placement. Keep in mind, though, that if tooth loses its sealant, it will no longer be protected.

The Sealant Procedure

Even if your little one harbors a huge dislike for the dentist’s office, sealants can prove to be a comfortable and effective procedure. Our kids-first dentistry focuses on providing fast and pain-free results, which is simple throughout the sealant procedure:

  1. First, your child’s dentist will provide a thorough cleaning.
  2. Second, a numbing agent will be added if needed (although it is rarely needed!).
  3. An acid etch is applied and thoroughly washed away.
  4. A special resin is added to the back of the teeth to fill any gaps.
  5. This material is deployed until all cracks and areas of concern are covered.
  6. Our dentists deploy a special light to activate and harden the resin.

When Should I Consider Sealants?

Each patient is unique, making it difficult to establish when and how sealants should be applied. Our pediatric dentists recommend scheduling a visit when your child’s first set of permanent molars began to come in (around six years of age). If your little one is a suitable applicant for sealant procedures, a followup appointment should be made when the second set of molars begin to erupt. Sealants are intended for use in patients prone to developing cavities and other oral health problems.

Can Sealants Be Placed Over Cavities?

Any tooth showing early signs of decay can be a candidate for sealing, keeping any current damage from growing worse. Keep in mind though that cavities that are considerable in size will need to be treated promptly before any sealant can be added. This process varies from individual to individual, so be sure to reach out to our family dentist for complete assistance!

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Alligator Dental is here to provide a fun and relaxing experience for children of all ages. We understand how scary it can be to go to the dentist, and take every effort to ensure your little one is happy about their appointment. Our pediatric dentist offices in Seguin and San Marcos provide fun features including a free arcade, movie theater room, bubble walls, and more. We’re confident that we can create an ideal experience for your child!

If you’re ready to learn more about sealants this summer season, or wish to schedule a dental exam for your child, feel free to contact us for complete assistance!