1. How to Help Your Child Prevent Cavities

    Cavities are a scary word to a young child. They may have heard some embellished stories from friends or relatives who were trying to promote dental health about the horrors of having a cavity and how it has to be fixed. Sure, you want your child to be aware that cavities are bad and they are not fun to have taken care of, but you also want to instill good habits to prevent them in the first place…Read More

  2. Getting Your Kids Ready for the Dentist

    Children have an inclination to shy away from the dentist. We understand, it can be weird to have someone poking around in your mouth with foreign tools. There are occasional bumps that may hurt, but all-in-all there is nothing to worry about. If your youngster gets somewhat nervous during the car ride to the dentist, we have some tips that can help you calm them down. The Alligator Dental team is…Read More

  3. What Makes a Pediatric Dentist Different?

    If you have just started a family and are looking for the best dentist to take care of your little one, Alligator Dental is the best choice for a pediatric dentist in the San Marcos and Seguin area. However, you may be wondering what exactly a pediatric dentist is and how, if at all, they are different from a family dentist. Today, we want to tell you what we do that makes us the best choice for c…Read More