Thanks for checking out the Teen Clinic! Teens can feel kinda stuck when they go to the dentist. They definitely are NOT kids but they still like the perks, contests & prizes that Alligator Dental is famous for. (Who doesn’t like free stuff?) So we created the Teen Clinic just for you!


  • Teen Lanyard – With Wifi password! Be sure to wear this so everyone knows you are here for the Teen Clinic – and doesn’t treat you like one of the kids! Or you can hang it out of your pocket – just make sure we can see it!
  • Kindle – Don’t have your phone? Borrow a Kindle & watch TV or movies, read, surf the web or listen to music during your appointment.
  • Ear Buds – complimentary ear buds for our Teens
  • Teen Lounge – Hang out spot designated for Teens, equipped with charging stations
  • Teen Treatment Perks Menu – Gotta get some treatment done? Choose a personal treatment experience package:
    Aromatherapy, Comfy Stuff, Zoning Out or Media.
  • Teen Contests & Prizes – just for Teens!