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Welcome to Alligator Dental! Where going to the dentist just got a lot more fun!

Alligator Dental is the Premier Pediatric Dental Office in Seguin and San Marcos. We strive to make your child’s dental care as fun and enjoyable as possible. Our bright, colorful, kid friendly atmosphere features a movie theatre, Xbox game room, play area, and other activities to keep both you and your child entertained during your appointment.

Check out our photo albums to see lobby and patient care rooms. Each dental chair comes equipped with its own television to keep your little gator entertained and at ease.

Here at Alligator Dental we keep kids engaged and educated about their dental care. With monthly contests, patient care charts, and “Cavity Free Club!” we make proper oral care rewarding, and so much fun, they won’t want to leave!

We understand there is a lot to know about your child’s teeth and the different stages as they grow. Don’t be overwhelmed! Take a look at our FAQ’s and patient information sections and be sure to contact us if you have any questions. Each patient will be given a private consultation before their first appointment so we can get to know you and explain their care “timeline”.

We are currently accepting new patients from,New Braunfels TX and Victoria TX ,at our practice in Seguin and San Marcos.
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