Treatment Under General Anesthesia

At Alligator Dental, we understand that having a medical procedure can be intimidating and that your comfort is paramount to us. We offer treatment under general anesthesia in Cibolo, Floresville, San Marcos, and Seguin, TX. Our experienced team of doctors, Dr. Al Burns, Dr. Anas Hakimeh, Dr. Dori Causey, Dr. Scott Theurer, and Dr. Israel Santil are trained in the most advanced techniques and have years of experience providing safe and effective general anesthesia services.

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What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a medical procedure that uses drugs to put a patient into a state of unconsciousness temporarily. It is most commonly used during major surgery and for minor procedures such as dental work. During general anesthesia, you are rendered unconscious and unable to feel pain. We monitor your vital signs throughout the process, including heart rate and blood pressure.


Dental anesthesia can come in many forms, including local anesthetics, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. Local anesthetics are the most commonly used type and work by numbing the area around the tooth. We use conscious sedation for more complex and lengthy procedures, and general anesthesia is for more invasive treatments.


How is General Anesthesia Administered?

The drugs used to induce general anesthesia vary depending on the procedure we are performing. Generally, we administer anesthesia through an intravenous (IV) line, a gas mask, or an injection. An anesthesiologist is typically responsible for selecting the appropriate drug and monitoring the patient’s vital signs during the procedure.


How Does General Anesthesia Work?

The main goal of general anesthesia is to suppress your consciousness and pain sensation while allowing you to remain relaxed and immobile. The drugs used to induce general anesthesia can also cause your muscles to relax, reducing the risk of additional movement. This is important to ensure that you do not move during the procedure and that your dentist can perform it safely.


The duration of dental anesthesia depends on the anesthesia used and the individual’s response. Local anesthetics typically last 1-2 hours, while conscious sedation and general anesthesia can last several hours.


Are There Any Risks Associated With Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is highly effective and is considered safe when administered by a qualified anesthesiologist. However, potential risks are associated with the drugs used to induce general anesthesia, including nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, slowed breathing, and low blood pressure. It is essential to discuss any concerns with Dr. Burns, Dr. Hakimeh, Dr. Causey, Dr. Theurer, Dr. Santil, or Dr. Ames before the procedure.


What Treatments are Performed Under Anesthesia?

At Alligator Dental, Dr. Burns, Dr. Hakimeh, Dr. Causey, Dr. Theurer, Dr. Santil, and Dr. Ames offer a variety of dental treatments performed under general anesthesia. These include tooth extractions, root canals, crowns and bridges, implant placement, and wisdom teeth removal.


Is General Anesthesia Safe for My Child?

Yes, general dental anesthesia is safe for your kid. It is a safe and effective way to help your child remain still during a dental procedure and to ensure that your child is comfortable and relaxed. 


Dr. Burns, Dr. Hakimeh, Dr. Causey, Dr. Theurer, Dr. Santil, and Dr. Ames will review your child’s health history and do a physical exam to ensure your child is healthy enough to receive general anesthesia. They will also provide instructions on preparing your child for the procedure. They will monitor your child throughout the treatment to ensure they remain safe and comfortable. 


Overall, general anesthesia is a safe and effective way to perform a variety of dental treatments. It can help reduce anxiety, provide complete analgesia, and allow more complex treatments to be completed safely and quickly. Alligator Dental is well-equipped to handle various dental treatments with general anesthesia.


General Anesthesia in Cibolo, Floresville, San Marcos, and Seguin, TX

At Alligator Dental, we understand that general anesthesia can be a scary prospect for many patients. That is why we take the time to thoroughly explain the procedure and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will also provide detailed instructions on preparing for the procedure and what to expect afterward. If you are interested in general anesthesia in Cibolo, Floresville, San Marcos, and Seguin, TX, schedule an appointment today!