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What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy, also known as a lip or tongue tie release, is a simple procedure that can dramatically impact a patient’s life. It is a minimally invasive procedure involving cutting or releasing the frenulum, a small band of tissue located in the middle of the upper lip and the tongue. The frenulum is responsible for keeping the lips and tongue in position and can restrict movement and cause problems with eating, speaking, and oral hygiene. 


The most common indication for a frenectomy is a condition called tethered oral tissue (TOT). TOT is a condition in which the frenulum is overly tight and restricts the movement of the lips and tongue. Symptoms of TOT include:

  • Difficulty with latching on to the breast or bottle.
  • Difficulty with breastfeeding.
  • Difficulty with drinking from a cup.
  • Difficulty with speaking.

In some cases, the frenulum can cause an incorrect bite and malocclusion of the teeth. 


The Benefits of a Frenectomy

The main benefit of a frenectomy is that it can improve speech and eating habits. A frenum that is too tight can prevent the tongue from moving freely, causing speech impediments and difficulty eating. Removing the frenum allows the tongue to move more freely, allowing for improved speech and eating.   


Another benefit of a frenectomy is that it can improve oral hygiene. When the frenum is too tight, it can create a pocket between the teeth and gums, making it difficult to clean properly. Removing the frenum closes this pocket, making it easier to brush and floss, reducing the risk of gum disease.  


Finally, a frenectomy can reduce pain and discomfort. Too tight a frenum can cause pain and discomfort when eating, speaking, or brushing your teeth. By removing it, we can alleviate this pain and discomfort.


The Frenectomy Procedure

We can perform a frenectomy on an infant or child. We can do the procedure right in the office. Depending on your child and the severity of the condition, we may perform the procedure under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Alfred Burns, Dr. Anas Hakimeh, Dr. Dorothy Causey, Dr. Hennah Shamji, and Dr. Israel Saintil will make a small incision in the frenulum and then use special instruments to separate the frenulum from the surrounding tissue carefully. We then cut or release the frenulum, and the incision is closed.  


Frenectomy Recovery

The recovery period after a frenectomy is usually short. Most children experience minimal discomfort and can resume normal activities within a few days. It is important to note that the lip and tongue may feel different after the procedure, and it may take some time for your kid to adjust. In some cases, speech therapy or orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct any malocclusion caused by the condition.  


Frenectomy in Cibolo, Floresville, San Marcos, or Seguin, TX

A frenectomy can dramatically and positively impact your child’s life. It can improve breastfeeding, speech, and oral hygiene by allowing for better movement of the lips and tongue. It can also enhance the appearance of the lips and mouth and even help correct a malocclusion. For these reasons, it is a highly recommended procedure for those who suffer from tethered oral tissue or other similar conditions.


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