Frequently Asked Questions

Do we accept insurance?

Absolutely you can use your insurance at Alligator Dental! As a courtesy to our patients we file electronically with all insurance companies to put your premium to its maximum benefit.

Since many of our patients feel strongly about choosing which dentist their children see, Alligator Dental is not contracted as a Preferred Provider for any insurance company and is not in any insurance network. This means even though Alligator Dental is not in your network of providers the costs incurred will be cover fully or at most with a minimal out of pocket payment. Most insurances cover 80-100% of preventive and treatment services for out of network offices like Alligator Dental.

Please feel free to contact your insurance company with any questions about what your coverage will be so there are no surprises. You are also welcome to call our office to clarify our insurance policy and obtain assistance in finding out the actual charges you may incur. Should you call your insurance company common codes for a new patient appointment they may request are:

If your child is 6 months – 12 yrs

  • 0150 Comprehensive Exam
  • 0272 2 X-rays (3yrs-12yrs)
  • 1120 Child Cleaning
  • 1203 Child Fluoride

If your child is 12 – 18 yrs

  • 0150 Comprehensive Exam
  • 1110 Adult Cleaning
  • 1204 Adult Fluoride
  • 0274 4 X-Rays

Please contact our office for any additional codes you may require

We are confident that even if your insurance requires you to pay a small portion out of pocket that you will find the quality of care and service at Alligator Dental to be well worth the expense. Alligator Dental proudly accepts Medicaid and Texas CHIP.

Are parents allowed to be a part of the appointment?

Most Definitely! Our doctors firmly believe that parents play an important role in diagnosis, treatment planning and behavior assessment for children. Especially with young children parents can assist in making a trip the dentist comfortable and be a reassurance with an anxious child. He strongly encourages parents to come to the back for all appointments until a child is comfortable and confident. (Or unless the parent would rather play guitar hero in the waiting room!) Parents are asked to participate in all new patient exams. We also welcome siblings to come along to see the Alligator Dental experience to build confidence on their own. We do ask that siblings do not attend appointments when a sibling is receiving treatment to allow our staff and the parent to focus solely on the child.