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Welcome to Alligator Dental!

We are excited for your child to enjoy the Alligator Dental Experience!

New Patient Forms

You can speed up the check-in process by completing New Patient Forms online.

Click on the link for the office you will be visiting. The link will take you to a secure site to fill in your information and submit directly to our office!

Please complete a packet for EACH child in the family.



Appointment Day

The Big Day is here! We are so excited for your child to experience Alligator Dental and have FUN at the dentist!

The first step is to check in with our receptionist and ensure all information is correct. We will take your child’s picture and invite him or her to enter to win our Patient Contest. They will be free to enjoy the entertaining waiting areas that make Alligator Dental so unique. There are Bubble Walls, a Movie Theater, an Arcade and Play Areas.

Your child will be greeted by our New Patient Specialist who will accompany them (and you) throughout the appointment.

  • Little Gators (ages 6 months-3 years) will be brought to one of our Baby Rooms where they will receive a special ‘knee-to-knee’ dental exam and can play with age-appropriate toys while you discuss their dental care with the doctor.
  • Gators ages 3+ will visit our x-ray and brush up stations prior to being led to our bright, open hygiene bay for their professional evaluation and cleaning. They have the opportunity to lie back, relax and enjoy a fun movie at their chair. Dental Assistants and Doctors use a variety of age-appropriate tools to educate your child and help get them excited about good oral hygiene.
  • Teen Gators (ages 12+) are part of our Teen Clinic and have special perks just for them.
  • Parents have plenty of opportunities to discuss concerns and get professional direction to keep their child’s smile healthy.

In addition to our superior dental services, new patients love to sign our New Patient Yearbook Wall and ring the Alligator Dental Gong at the end of their appointment! Children have the opportunity to join the Alligator Dental Cavity Free Club and all children leave with a complimentary hygiene kit and a fun prize.

Be warned: your child may enjoy coming to Alligator Dental so much they may not want to leave!


Are parents allowed to be a part of the appointment?

Most Definitely! Our doctors firmly believe that parents play an important role in diagnosis, treatment planning and behavior assessment for children. Especially with young children parents can assist in making a trip to the dentist comfortable and help reassure an anxious child. We strongly encourage parents to come to the back for all appointments, at least until a child is comfortable and confident to go alone. (Or unless the parent would rather play Guitar Hero in the waiting room!) Parents are asked to participate in all new patient exams. We also welcome siblings to come along to see the Alligator Dental experience and build their own confidence in going to the dentist. We do ask that siblings not attend appointments when a child is receiving restorative treatment to allow our staff and the parent to focus solely on the child.


At Alligator Dental we want every child to have the beautiful, healthy smile they deserve! We want to provide care based on what is in the best interest for your child and not based solely on what insurance companies allow. For this reason Alligator Dental accepts all dental insurance plans, including Medicaid and Texas Chip, but the office is not contracted with any insurance company. This means that Alligator Dental is an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans.

The good news is that most insurances companies cover 80-100% of all preventative and treatment services for out-of-network providers like Alligator Dental.

Do we accept insurance?

Absolutely you can use your insurance at Alligator Dental! As a courtesy to our patients we file electronically with all insurance companies to put your premium to its maximum benefit.

Please feel free to contact your insurance company with any questions about what your coverage will be so there are no surprises. You are also welcome to call our office to clarify our insurance policy and obtain assistance in finding out the estimated charges you may incur. Should you call your insurance company common codes for a new patient appointment they may request are:

If your child is 6 months – 12 yrs

  • 0150 Comprehensive Exam
  • 0272 2 X-rays (3yrs-12yrs)
  • 1120 Child Cleaning
  • 1203 Child Fluoride

If your child is 12 – 18 yrs

  • 0150 Comprehensive Exam
  • 1110 Adult Cleaning
  • 1204 Adult Fluoride
  • 0274 4 X-Rays

Please contact our office for any additional codes you may require

We are confident that the expert care and positive experience your child has at Alligator Dental will more than compensate for minimal out of pocket fees your insurance company may require, if any.

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We are excited for your child to enjoy the Alligator Dental Experience! You can speed up the check-in process by completing New Patient Forms online.

Nothing touches our Gator hearts more than hearing that our patient families had a great experience at Alligator Dental! We welcome your feedback!

Our bright, colorful, kid-friendly atmosphere is designed to keep both you & your child entertained during the appointment. Contact us today to get started!